- 超商取貨 | 運費$60

( 貨到付款/純取貨,搭配 7-11便利商店/全家便利商店,台灣外島地區運費需再 +$40)

- 郵寄 | 運費$90 (需先付款)

- 宅配 | 運費$150 (需先付款)






  全球皆可寄送 | Can be shipped worldwide.

提供信用卡付款方式(VISA / MasterCard/JCB)

    Provide credit card payment. (VISA / MasterCard/JCB)

採用「順豐速運 SF-Express」、「郵局快捷EMS」、「國際包裹郵寄」 方式寄送。

     順豐速運SF-Express | 運費可採元付或到付

     Cash on delivery by SF express.

     Shipping cost by weight.

     運費表 | Taiwan Export Rates:


     郵局快捷EMS、國際包裹郵寄 | 運費依重量計價,採先付後出貨

     Send by "Chunghwa Post co. AirPackage" or "EMS."

     Shipping cost by weight.

     Shipping fee is ''Pay before Send.''

       運費表 | Taiwan Export Rates:


    Pay in New Taiwanese Dollar (NTD) only.

依照寄送地區不同約 5~14工作日可送達,依照實際配送狀況及海關抽驗,配達日期可能會有所延誤;若有課稅情況由客戶端自行處理

   Depending on the delivery area, it can bedelivered within 5~14 working days.

   According to the actual delivery status andcustoms inspection, the date of distribution may be delayed.

   If the taxation situation is handled by theclient itself